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The most popular site about CS: GO HLTV.org assembled the national team of the first half of 2020. Since this season turned out to be extremely controversial due to the transition of all tournaments to online, the composition of the best players turned out to be quite unexpected.

Star: Alexander “S1mple»Kostylev

Rating: 1.28.

Kills per round: 0.83.

The rivalry between Simple and Zaivu is only gaining momentum, and in 2020, both once again show equally cool statistics. The average rating of the Frenchman and the Ukrainian is 1.28, but HLTV chose to be the main star of Simple. Most likely, the decisive factor was the victory of NAVI at the only major LAN tournament of the year – IEM Katowice 2020, where S1mple received the MVP award.

The return of Kostylev to the role of a sniper happened wonderfully. Once again, he can single-handedly hold back a point and knock out a bomb in inexplicable situations. It seems that today S1mple is the main contender for the title of the best player of the year.

The best highlight in the first half of the year

Sniper: Florian “Syrson»Richet

AWP Kills: 1317.

AWP Kills Per Round: 0.52.

Syrson has become one of the heroes of 2020. He came to the crumbling BIG and not only brought the team to the top 10, but dragged several major tournaments for it (DreamHack Masters Spring and CS Summit 6) and for the first time in history won the first place in the HLTV rating for it.

The German really turned out to be a very stable sniper, able to play on equal terms with the best teams in the world. Now I can’t wait to see him on LAN in order to understand how good he will be in conditions of high pressure.

The best highlight in the first half of the year

Openfrager: Nicola “NiKo»Kovacs

Rating of successful openfrags: 1.22.

Openfrags per round: 0.15.

NiKo is constantly scolded for his stubborn desire to be the captain, but this role does not in the least prevent him from producing amazing statistics in matches with top teams. This year he played the role of an entrifragger masterfully, even though in the Faze Clan this status has always been assigned to the Rhine.

Yes, NiKo is no longer considered a candidate for the best player in the world, but thanks to his incredible talent, he still remains one of the most unpredictable and dangerous shooters in the CS scene.

The best highlight in the first half of the year

Clutcher: Helvijs “Broky»Saukants

Number of clutches: 53.

Victories in a 1 vs 2 situation: nineteen.

When Faze Clan took Broky to the team, no one thought that in 2020 this Latvian guy would become the best clutcher in the world. And this is in the presence of Simple, Zippeks and Zayvu on the CS-scene!

Broky’s style in clutches is quite simple – he always tries to bring opponents to a 1v1 duel. His highlights are not always spectacular, but now no one does 1 in X situations as effectively as he does.

The best highlight in the first half of the year

Support: Ilya “Perfecto»Zalutsky

Percentage of rounds with supports: 23.6.

The amount of damage from grenades per round: 4.

The Perfecto transfer completely transformed NAVI. It turned out that all this time the team lacked a competent support who would sacrifice himself in situations necessary for teammates and skillfully handle grenades.

Perfecto became the perfect fifth player for NAVI. If it were not for the pandemic and the cancellation of LAN tournaments, the team had every chance to start its own era after winning several more top championships.

The best highlight in the first half of the year

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Who else would you add to the national team of the best caeser in 2020?

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