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You can’t do anything until Valve releases clothes.

No sooner had Valve released the summer event than the doters demand a new portion of content! This time they demand a second Immortal treasure, and while it is gone, they are looking for it themselves.

Flam3ss turned out to be the most inventive. He posted a video in which he takes the treasure … from Roshan!

Heard Roshan stole the Immortal II Treasure, so I reclaimed it. from r / DotA2

Icefrog stole the chest? Ursa came to take what is rightfully his. He was able to open it, and what happened next is better to see.

Ursa’s attempt to reclaim the Immortal Treasure II from Roshan was a failure, so he is trying another way around. from r / DotA2

* * *

If Valve doesn’t release the treasure chest in the coming days, this guy is sure to make his client, with Bo Jack and his gear.

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