“Vanguard ” – “Ak Bars “: incredible ending


The leader of the Russian Championship, Kazan “Ak Bars”, in an amazing and intriguing match, earned 3 points on the ice of the Omsk arena at the local “Vanguard”.

Supermatch. There is simply no other definition for the central match of the 3rd round of the Super League. The confrontation between the two most stable teams during the whole season, 2nd place against 1st, “hawks ” against “leopards “, “Vanguard ” – “Ak Bars “. To announce something else for this meeting is simply inappropriate.

Remembering the history of the relationship between these teams this season, you can see a certain tendency – the winner was the team that played away (3: 1 in Kazan and 3: 5 in Omsk). This interesting pattern was confirmed in the third face-to-face meeting of the teams.

The beginning of the meeting matched its status and definition. Already in the 2nd minute, the guests conceded one of the fastest goals in this championship.

Having received a pass on the spot, Alexey Tereshchenko threw at close range at goal, defended by Norman Marakl. The goalkeeper touched the puck, but it flew treacherously into the goal – 0: 1.

Omsk had to urgently rehabilitate themselves in front of their fans, and they added in attacking actions. The leader of the national championship was ready for this. As a result, the teams had a lot of dangerous moments, and the number of goals scored in the first period could have been much higher. But the hockey players were let down by the realization of scoring chances, and it is worth paying tribute to the goalkeepers who worked hard, reflecting the shots on their possessions.

It is noteworthy that for the entire starting period in a match of this level, no one has ever been on the penalty box. In short, the first period passed in one breath, which is confirmed by the minimum of stops in the game. The teams did not show rudeness and simply demonstrated excellent and attacking hockey to the delight of all the fans.

The first removal occurred only in the 24th minute. Ilya Nikulin from “Ak Bars ” had to serve a penalty for a dangerous game. “Barça “, playing in the minority, confirmed their high status. The guests defended so confidently and harmoniously that not only were they not allowed to create something dangerous for the hawks at their gates, but they themselves had the opportunity to double the score.

And, nevertheless, the owners, urged on by their tribunes, fought back. The goal was almost identical to the one that the leopards scored at the beginning of the 1st period.

With a throw from the blue line, Bashkirov delivered the puck to the gate, where Pervushin finished off the puck, breaking past the Ak Bars goalkeeper Miki Noronen – 1: 1.

Inspired by an abandoned puck, the hosts unleashed a flurry of dangerous attacks on the goal of the Finnish goalkeeper, but Noronen cold-bloodedly parried all the dangerous shots at his goal.

Although the guests also carried out attacks, and more than once, but it is worth admitting that “Vanguard ” attacked more dangerous and sharper, and “hawks ” could go to the last break in the rank of the leading team. But the “leopards” withstood the onslaught of the ice owners, and the score remained equal.

The hosts missed two of the finest moments again for the scoring of the leopards at the very beginning of the last period. In the latter, Maxim Yakutsenya, being right in front of someone else’s goal, simply missed the puck.

The first removal from the hosts occurred only in the 3rd period. Kirill Koltsov was sent off for a dangerous game. Omsk as well as their opponents in the match passed the test by playing in the minority successfully.

The teams, like the fans, were already preparing for overtime. But an incredible ending awaited all the spectators who gathered at that moment in the arena in Omsk.

43 seconds before the end of the meeting, Sergei Zinoviev’s individual slalom to the opponent’s goal ended with the striker’s effective throw into the upper corner of the goal – 1: 2.

In the last seconds, the hosts tried to level the score, even removing the goalkeeper from the game, but all their efforts were in vain. Despite the small performance in the match, the two teams played a stunningly beautiful match that kept in suspense all the playing time. It was impossible to imagine a better end to this confrontation than an abandoned puck by the hockey players of “Ak Bars ” at the last minute.

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