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Thrashtok Seba> Thrashtok

We are incredibly happy every time one of the esports players puts on a show and sparks interest before the match., apparently, is not at all averse to drawing attention to itself, because at first Seleri wrote that they would destroy rivals on the OGA Pit:

“I wonder who our opponents will be in OGA DotaPit. I hope they are ready to be destroyed 🙂 “

And then the coach of the team picked up the trash current relay.

“Tomorrow at OGA Dota Pit we are playing against OG. Happy to play against the most legendary team in Dota. We will win this tournament and, with all due respect, we will crush them. “

Seb, who returned to Dota, decided to remind who OG are and who

“I am offended that other teams think they can beat us. It annoys me. I believe that after our achievements, they should understand that this is unrealistic. Perhaps you can. But you don’t have to believe what you can. You must believe that you cannot. Although yes, there may be a world in which you can win. “

The Bo3 match went too fast. No matter how tries to snap, OG is too tough for them – 2: 0, and OG goes on. Here is Seb breaking up on Balanar:

But offlaner suffers the whole game on Venomancer. fell to VP.Prodigy, which also has a trash current master, Save. Perhaps the hack on Twitter will be no worse than in the game itself.

By the way, coach after the game respected OG.

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