Vladislav Tretyak: I will go to Khabibulin personally


In an exclusive interview with “Soviet Sport ” the head of Russian hockey spoke about the preparations for the World Cup. To close the most problematic position in the national team, the goalkeeper, Tretyak intends to personally go overseas and convince the goalkeeper “Chicago ” Nikolai Khabibulin to play in Moscow at the World Cup.


– Vladislav Alexandrovich, at the end of last week you reported at a meeting of the 2007 World Cup Organizing Committee on preparations for the main start of the season – the World Championship.

– I talked about the affairs of the Russian national team, and the Executive Director of the Organizing Committee Alexander Polinsky – about the tournament budget, tickets. Everything went well, the conversation turned out to be meaningful. There is still a lot of work, but I am sure we will cope with it.

– Fans are very interested in ticket prices.

– They have been slightly reduced: 100 rubles are now the cheapest ticket for a match without the participation of the Russian team and from 450 rubles – for ours. We decided to make the packages a little more compact in the interests of the fans, that is, to reduce the number of matches in the package.

– Are the tickets in demand?

– Sure! Even in the Duma they tortured me with requests to get tickets. I promise everyone for now. But demand largely depends on our team. If she wins, then there will be full houses. At the Turin Olympics, it seemed to me that all the tickets were bought by the Russians.


– Now let’s talk about the Russian national team.

– The most important thing that made me happy was the guys’ desire to fight for Russia. Well, the match with the Finns in Mytishchi generally stands apart. I could not resist – after the game I came to the locker room and thanked the guys.

We are not going to put pressure on Vyacheslav Bykov. He reviewed 45 Super League candidates, there are also NHL players. Only for him the decisive word, who to take to the World Cup. The great Anatoly Tarasov always took whoever he saw fit. He did not let generals and other superiors approach the team, they were afraid of him. But once Tarasov did not invite to the world championship the seemingly irreplaceable goalkeeper Viktor Konovalenko (in Stockholm-69. – Ed.) Only because he was late for the first training session of the national team due to bad weather.

– Sergei Nemchinov is responsible for the candidates from the NHL. When will he go overseas?

– February 26. And he will stay there for about a month. On February 28, the NHL closes club-to-club transitions, so the picture will become clear on the first day of spring. But the overseas league is unpredictable. And for sure, until the very last round of the regular season, the arrival of some of our NHL players in Moscow will be in question.

– So much has been said about the problem of the national team with the goalkeepers …

– We are counting on Khabibulin, but there was talk that he could be exchanged from “Chicago “, which does not make the playoffs, to “Tampa “, which will fight for the Stanley Cup. If Nikolai stays in Chicago, then I will fly there in April and talk to him. And Nemchinov will do it before me. I know Khabibulin well, I worked with him at the 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake City.

– Why did Sergey Fedorov say: they say, I don’t know what the World Championship is and where it will take place?

– No need to catch a tired player in the locker room at the height of the NHL season, almost pull him out of the shower to ask a question about the World Cup. Sergey was at my summer training camp in Chicago, he trained in a great mood. I talked to him then. So he knows very well when and where the World Cup will take place.


– Where will the Russian national team be accommodated during the championship?

– She will prepare in Novogorsk. And by the beginning of the championship he will move to a hotel closer to Khodynka, which we specially selected at the request of Bykov. Where exactly, I can not open yet. But the national team will live there alone.

– In April, before the World Cup, our team will hold five test matches: two – with the Swiss national team (both are away), two – in Sweden and at home – with Tre Krunur in the final of the Eurotour and the last match – at home with Austria. Where will the Russian national team take opponents – on Khodynka or in Mytishchi?

– On Khodynka. We decided to play with the Finns in Mytishchi in order to make the city near Moscow enjoyable. Indeed, at the World Championships, the Russian national team is unlikely to come to Mytishchi, where hockey is extremely popular.

– Recently, on the pages of “Soviet Sport “, a discussion unfolded “How the Super League to live on “. What do you think of this?

– Now I would not like to express my opinion, let alone impose it. First, you need to sit down at the table with the leaders of the Super League clubs, listen to their arguments and wishes, and discuss everything in detail. And then at the FHR executive committee make a decision.

– How soon will you assemble the executive committee?

– Do not delay. I think we’ll meet in March.

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