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Can you win?

Hello! Every month more than 40 texts from bloggers appear on the home page of our site. We decided to support your creativity and give an incentive to write on new topics. We are launching a competition guides!

Conditions of the competition

Participants write guides on Dota heroes or various mechanics (for example, how to withdraw and stack creeps) and publish them in our blogs… In the text about the hero, there must be items “Abilities”, “Builds” and “Talents”, explaining the characteristics of the character.

You can write your own and original guide, as well as disassemble a video of a professional player or his stream. The main requirement: your guide must be published only on our website, with the exception of personal VK groups, telegram channel or Yandex.Zen. Also, do not forget about the design: divide the text into paragraphs, use subparagraphs, add pictures and screenshots.

The guide can also be accompanied by your own explanatory video: in it you can show some special mechanics in practice, and transfer the main points of the video into the text. This is optional, but it makes your guide prettier and clearer.

Be sure to put on your post tag “Guides”to make it easier to find on the site.

Examples of guides from the editorial board and our bloggers, already published on the site:

How are guides rated? What are the prizes?

Guides are evaluated by our jury. Composition: Peter Romanov – chief editor of cyber.sports.ru (5k MMR), Roman Galeev – editor of the Dota section (4k MMR) and a guest member of the jury – commentator of the RuHub studio Nikita “4ce” Kotkov

After at least five new custom guides appear, but no more than once every two weeks, we summarize and evaluate the guides. The first round of the competition starts today.

A guide highly appreciated by the jury becomes a guide-contender: if no one writes a guide for the same hero who surpasses the contender in quality within a week, this guide becomes the winner, and its author receives 1,000 rubles.

A repeated guide to the same hero of the best quality, written more than a week after the applicant, will bring only 500 rubles.

Example: a guide for Invoker, Io, Gyrocopter, MK and Riki appeared in a week. The jury recognized Invoker, Io and Gyro as applicants. For a week, a guide of the best quality appeared only for the Gyrocopter. Thus, the author of guides for Invoker, Io and a new guide for Gyrocopter will receive 1000 each.

Also, participants can indicate in the conclusion of their guide links to Internet wallets or services for donation. If readers deem it necessary to support them, they will be able to do so using the requisites.

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