We need such erotica! The 25 most daring shots by photographer Bruno Bisang



Swiss photographer Bruno Biesang is not one of those who became a master of his craft by a whim of fate or by chance. No, he walked long and hard towards his photographic goal. So, Bruno graduated from the photography academy in Zurich and tried to learn the invaluable experience of all the photographers he met along the way.

The beginning of Bisang’s career came in the late 1970s, with no end in sight. On the contrary, Bruno’s many years of experience guarantees him shooting for such eminent employers as the fashion houses Chanel and Givenchy. But most of all Bisang loves to photograph not models of clothes, but naked models (as we understand him!).

In erotic shooting, Bruno is inspired by French films of the 1950s. And, despite the fact that they are all made with impeccable taste, each shot balances on the brink of what is permitted. We have selected 25 of the best erotic photos from the master’s “Instagram”. Aesthetic viewing for you.


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