“Weak people have never loved the strong.” Dziuba turned to haters


Attack Zenith Artem Dzyuba outlined his attitude to criticism. The forward told how he reacts to comments about himself in social networks.

– On Instagram, I try to respond to people who have sincere emotions, – quotes the “Championship” as saying Dziuba. – I really appreciate the kindness and warmth. There are many good people. It’s just that sometimes because of the negativity we don’t notice it. I am generally surprised when so much shit is poured on you, while people are following you. I would like to ask: “Are you sick? Morons? Why are you following me if you hate me? Unsubscribe, I beg you. ” This is my page. Why come here and show your complexes? I don’t pretend to be anything. Loved the words of Michael Jordan from my favorite movie.

– What kind?

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