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Werdum and Gustafsson parted ways in assessing joint sparring

Former UFC Champion Fabricio Werdum (23-9-1) and his next opponent Alexander Gustafsson (18-6) spoke about joint training that took place several years ago.

Fabricio Werdum: “It was about eight years ago when I was training at the Marc Muñoz wrestling academy. I arrived there and Travis Brown sparred there in MMA with Gustafsson under the guidance of coach Alex, who invited me to join them.

I thought the coach would arrange a rotation, but he just put me on and they took turns attacking. It wasn’t fair, of course. First I sparred with Brown, then with Gustafsson, then again with Brown and Gustafsson.

On the second run, Gustafsson put a slit on my nose, I grabbed his neck in a Thai clinch and punched him in the face with my knee, he had a large dissection. I think they put about five stitches.

Of course, Alex and his coach were angry with me, they said a few bad words, so the sparring ended in a bad atmosphere.

I can talk about tactics for a fight without any problems: I plan to bring him down, there is no secret in this. I will knock it down and make you surrender. Lyoto and I live on the same street, he helped me a lot with the lead to this match ”.

Alexander Gustafsson: “I sparred with Werdum ten years ago at the Marc Muñoz gym in Los Angeles.

Then he was a champion, in good shape, and in two weeks I had a fight, and we started to fight hard.

I would say I won this sparring. Yes, he punched me in the head with his knees, but we both fought in full. It was good sparring and I won then. It was fun”.

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