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Patch Fortnite v13.30 officially went on the air on Tuesday July 21st with the addition of brand new gas stations (it remains to add the cars that have been delayed so far). While the patch notes are full of bug fixes and new time-limited modes, one thing that players haven’t seen in the various descriptions is the secret challenge.

Many may have spotted purple coral buddies jumping on the sand all over the island, and now it’s time to teach them a new skill, and “Epics»Ask players to show them how to create things with stone.

Where to find Fortnite coral buddies?

First, you need to know where you are going to complete the challenge. Unfortunately, not only is this place unnamed, it is actually so small that you won’t even be able to see it on the map itself, so if you’re not sure where you are going, you may find yourself in an extremely difficult situation.

But don’t worry, we’ve done all the hard work for you. You are looking for two tiny islands to the northwest of the lighthouse, with palm trees and rocks scattered across them. They can be found in square B1 on the map, but we have marked their exact location on the map below.

How do you teach your coral buddies stonecutting?

Once you find the island, the task is actually quite simple. Upon arrival, you will notice that some of the buddies are sitting around a pile of sandstone bricks, which they seem to be trying to use to build something.

Take a pickaxe and start smashing rocks scattered around the place and make sure you have 300 stones in your materials. As soon as you collect the required amount, go to the construction site and interact with it.

Coral buddies tried, but they haven’t mastered construction yet

As soon as you interact with it, a notification will arrive on the left side of the screen informing you that the building lesson is complete and the coral friends should start working on their latest building project.

Once you are done, you will see that the little creatures have actually built a pyramid, letting you know that the task is complete and you can continue looking for enemy players, and perhaps even win.

Trust me, all of this is definitely worth completing this challenge as you will receive 25,000XP on your Fortnite Battle Pass, which can unlock some new cosmetic items for you and give you a good boost to reach level 100.

Well, this is the first entry, don’t judge strictly, but rather support it. There are many interesting articles ahead, and even interviews with the players of the discipline. I’m waiting for feedback.

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