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From Doctor Who to Naruto.

GTA San Andreas was released 16 years ago and is still very popular today. If you occasionally walk around Los Santos and the landscapes of your favorite game still haunt you, try installing mods on Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas from our list.

Read the installation instructions carefully – they are different for all mods – and be sure to make backups. With mods, something can go wrong at any time, it’s better to play it safe than to lose all progress.

This post contains random fashion on GTA: SA, which will either improve the game or add something new and truly unexpected to it. Some mods are more like cheats for GTA: SA, so go through the game without them first if you want to enjoy the classic GTA.

Download mods for GTA San Andres

You don’t have to look for where to download mods for GTA San Address for free. You will find the actual links to mods on the PC right in the text. These modifications will not work on consoles and mobile devices.

GTA San Andreas X Tream Vision 2020

With this magical modification, GTA: SA will be indistinguishable from GTA 5. Just look at all these bright streets, brand new cars, elaborate faces – everything is like in the games of 2020.

🔫 Guess the GTA part from the music

Ultimate Graphics Mod 2.0

This mod improves the visual style of GTA: SA while retaining its recognizable, in places angular style.

High Definition Carl Johnson

For old-school players who will not trade the old streets of Los Santos for anything, there is a separate mod. It replaces Karl Johnson’s model with a new one with a higher resolution.

First-Person mod

Allows you to enable the first person mode, which is already accustomed to in GTA 5.

Taxi mod

With this mod we will be able to ride a taxi. If there is a free car nearby, sit in it and indicate your destination on the map. Then you just have to look out the window at the city streets.

You are Cj from GTA: San Andreas and solve problems with cheats. Will you survive?

Skin Selector v 2.1 for GTA San Andreas

The mod greatly simplifies life: it allows you to choose a model of the main character right in the game. Karl can be turned into any character in GTA: SA in a couple of clicks, for example, into the hated Tenpenny officer. And Skin Selector works with downloaded skins.

GTA: Underground

A huge mod that united San Andreas, Vice City. Liberty City and kasmtomnye cities on one map based on GTA: SA. All the cities of the Underground have their own pedestrians and cars, gangs and safe houses, shops. Added customization of guns and cars, new inhabitants and cars.

Doctor Who: Dalek Invasion

The Doctor Who Daleks Invasion mod will fall in love with true Doctor Who fans. Mod adds to the game different incarnations of the doctor and his companions, the TARDIS, a sonic screwdriver, Daleks, creepy angels and even the K-9 robot. With a 25% chance you can be reborn as one of the doctors!

The authors are very attentive to detail: inside the TARDIS looks exactly the same as in the series. You need to control the flight using the console. The TARDIS can travel through space and time – you can even go into space! Modders have created many missions in the lore of the universe, for example, there is a separate branch of quests about angels. And then there is a similar mod for the mobile version of GTA: SA.

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GTA SA: Vice City Stories

The original Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories was released on PSP in 2006, later versions for PS2 and PS3 appeared, but the game never made it to the PC. The mod corrects the situation – the popular part of Stories was recreated based on GTA: SA. If suddenly for some reason the game passed you by, but you adore the part about Vice City, be sure to give the mod a chance!

Left 4 Theft: San Andreas

There are as many as four game modes in fashion. In survival, you need to hold out as long as possible against endless waves of zombies.

In free mode, you can safely explore the post-apocalyptic Los Santos, infested with zombies. Help the survivors, join a group, complete missions or just shoot monsters.

In the defense of the fortress, you need to prevent the living dead from reaching the leader: the fortress, which can be rebuilt during the game, will help to keep the zombie army.

You are here

Horror in the spirit of Silent Hill and Resident Evil. You wake up in a strange and unfamiliar place, not remembering either the name or the past. Try to live an hour of a stranger’s life and not scream in horror!

The dark knight begins

Transforms the sunny city of the game into a location from the Dark Knight universe. CJ transforms into Bruce Wayne, a new sky, Batman’s weapon, a glider, a costume from the Nolan movie, Batmobile and Batcycle, Wayne’s mansion and Batman’s cave appear in the game.

Remember cheat codes for GTA San Andreas? There were many myths about them.

GTA San Andreas Marvel Spider man Mod

The mod turns GTA into a game about Spider-Man from childhood. In GTA, parkour and the ability to crawl along the walls appear, and pedestrians turn into Venom, Doctor Octopus, Green Goblin and other villains.

Ironman endgame

Iron man pack

The first file will transform Carl into Tony Stark from The Avengers. The final”. The main character will be able to put on the Iron Man suit at any time, take off and shoot Tony’s weapons. The second mod adds more options for Iron Man suits to the game.


John wick pack

Looking forward to the new Matrix as you revisit John Wick? Then this mod is for you. Puck brings several Wick models, his guns and a car into the game. Now you can crush enemies much more epic.

Mod Portal Gun

The Portal Cannon works in much the same way as in the original series. Place portals for yourself or have fun by teleporting passers-by or cars – NPCs will not try to bypass or bypass the portals and dutifully go on a journey.

For example, you can make cars fall out of the windows of skyscrapers. It is a pity that the mod does not add the malicious GLaDOS to GTA!

Cheat codes for GTA 4 – weapons, immortality and health, money, police, cars, tanks. Remember them?

Doomguy And Doomslayer Skins

If in March you preferred Doom Eternal Animal Crossing, and, in principle, think that Doom is cool, put this mod. Drive through the streets of San Andres in the Dumgay costa, shooting the objectionable ones with hellish cannons.

Ghost rider mod

Adds the Ghost Rider skin and his motorcycle to the game. There is a trail of flames behind the motorcycle, and the racer can set fire to and explode cars and characters with a slight movement of the hand.

Bigfoot in Back O ‘Beyond

Bigfoot is one of the main myths in GTA: SA. Some players claimed to have seen him, but of course they had no evidence. The Bigfoot model was found in the game files. Former vice president Rockstar Dan Hauser admitted that the creature was indeed in the game, but only in the never-released beta. Mod adds the ability to hunt a monster in Back-o-Beyond.

Insanity vegetation

Updates and improves plant models. The locations of San Andres remain unchanged.

In the US, protests again against police violence. The same 1992 pogrom hit GTA: San Andreas

To Live and Die in SA

The author was clearly inspired by the action movie Live and Die in Los Angeles. Mod changes the colors of the game to psychedelic.

Pimp my car

Adds the functionality of “Cars for pumping” directly to GTA. The customization tool allows you to completely change the appearance of cars and save up to 10 cars, which can be called up at any time.

Naruto shippuden

For true shinobi! In GTA, you can play as Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura or Kakashi, and even dine in your favorite eatery Ichiraku… For fans of Boruto there is another mod that will add Boruto and Kawaki to the game.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Geralt of Rivia

Simply adds Geralt to the game. In anticipation of Cyberpunk 2077 and the second season of The Witcher, minted coins can be taken away from passers-by.

Nike Air Force One Shoes

Mod for dudes and hypebeasts who lack branded items in GTA SA. For adidas lovers there is a skin NMD Bape

Share your favorite mods in the comments!

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