Who became the best goalkeeper of the 29th round of the RPL – Safonov, Maksimenko, Pesyakov, Dupin, Frolov


Who became the best goalkeeper of the 29th round of the RPL

Vladimir Gabulov

Who will be the best goalkeeper of the season in the RPL? Before the 30th round, three are leading at once!

But the fourth place also has chances.


Former goalkeeper of the Russian national team, CSKA, Dynamo, Club Brugge and other clubs, chairman of the board of directors of FC Olimp Dolgoprudny Vladimir Gabulov chose the top five goalkeepers of the league following the results of the 29th round of the RPL. Here here you can see the criteria for evaluating goalkeepers. And before the last round, the first place in our rating is shared by three goalkeepers.

The symbolic team of the 29th round of the RPL. Valery Gazzaev’s version

The two main characters of Spartak, the players of Loko and CSKA, the leader of Rubin – and everyone else.

The floor is given to Vladimir.

5. Evgeny Frolov, “Wings of the Soviets”

In the match against Krasnodar at the gates of Krylia there were many moments that Evgeny successfully coped with.

At the 77th minute, Utkin threw the ball into the penalty area of ​​Krylia, and Frolov without hesitation left the gate, ahead of Berg and knocked the ball out with his fists. When playing at the exit, the goalkeeper must quickly assess the moment, calculate the trajectory of the ball and the distance to the attacker and jump out of the goal in time. Also in the 79th minute, Utkin hit the goal tightly from the air. Frolov reacted to the blow in time and calmly hit the ball aside.

“Let him find a free country and go there.” Goalkeeper Frolov is attacked because of criticism of Putin

The words of the Krylia goalkeeper about the government have been discussed for two days. He criticized the Russian president and officials.

4. Yuri Dupin, “Rubin”

Dupin ended up in fourth place, because the degree of difficulty of his moments is much lower than that of other goalkeepers. But, nevertheless, Yuri played a clean sheet, which is an important criterion for getting into our rating.

The episode at the 11th minute is the key one in evaluating his game. Popov burst in on the flank and shot into the center of the penalty area, where Hadzhikadunich struck from a distance of ten meters. Dupin managed to take the correct position in a low stand, fold and pull the ball out of the near corner. The difficulty is that there was a large number of players in front of Yuri, which could prevent him from seeing the ball in time. But Hadzhikadunich’s blow was not the strongest, so Dupin could not claim a higher place.

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Rubin was saved in Moscow thanks to the VAR system.

3. Sergey Pesyakov, “Rostov”

In the match against Rubin, there were not many chances at Pesyakov’s goal, but they were more difficult than Dupin’s.

In the 60th minute, Kvaratskhelia moved from the left flank to the center and struck into the far corner. Sergey reacted in a timely manner, threw out his far arm and hit the ball aside. The impact is tight, and the dynamics are high enough, which makes this moment spectacular.

The key was the salvation after the breakthrough of Kvaratskhelia in the 89th minute. In the RPL, we rarely see something like this: Khvicha beat three defenders, entered the penalty area and shot hard into the near corner. Pesyakov was in the correct position and managed to kick the ball.

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2. Alexander Maksimenko, “Spartak”

In the match against Akhmat, Alexander had several high-quality actions. At the same time, I note that it is very difficult for the goalkeeper to maintain concentration when his team spends most of the game in the opponent’s half of the field.

Spartak attacked a lot, scored a goal that was not counted, and immediately got a counterattack on their own goal in the 36th minute. But when Ilyin went one-on-one, Maksimenko took a good position, did not collapse and with his leg parried a solid blow into the far corner. The team reacted well to this rescue and managed to open an account after the break. But it is not known how the match would have ended, if Ilyin had been hammered.

With a long-range shot of Ismael in the 75th minute, the goalkeeper of Maksimenko’s level is obliged to cope, even if the ball flew with a rebound from the lawn. And the key moment of the match was the rescue of Alexander after Roshi hit at close range in the 76th minute. Here it was important for the goalkeeper to take the correct position, and not to show miracles of reaction – and the ball hit the goalkeeper. Safonov, about whom we will talk further, had a slightly more difficult moment. Although, of course, Maksimenko gave Spartak a victory with this save – a few minutes later his team scored the second and then the third goal.

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The brilliant goals of Zobnin and Sobolev brought victory to Spartak. Even Gus Thiel scored today.

1. Matvey Safonov, “Krasnodar”

Matvey acted very confidently throughout the match against Krylia Sovetov. Their situations with Maksimenko are somewhat similar, but Safonov had a very difficult key rescue, which helped him to take first place in our rating.

We are talking about an episode in the 79th minute, when the goalkeeper was shot at close range by Lystsov from a lethal position. The Krylia player was in the center on the goalkeeper’s line: the entire goal was open in front of him, and a goal rolled into the corner. But Lystsov decided to punch between the legs, and Safonov reacted to this in time. The goalkeeper managed to put his knee on the ground and hit the ball with his foot. This salvation can be called the most important in the 29th round.

I will also note the moment in the 31st minute, when Safonov managed to react to Glushenkov’s shot from an acute angle. Matvey hit the ball in front of him, but managed to orient himself and take it out with his foot so that there would be no second blow.

Galaktionov: in order to compare Safonov and Maksimenko with Akinfeev, they must fill the bumps

At the end of the season Vladimir Gabulov together with the “Championship” will present the prize to the best RPL goalkeeper of the season 2019/2020.

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