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Who is the most effective RPL striker

Anatoly Romanov

The most effective RPL strikers. Kokorin scores more often than Dziuba and Azmun

But Dziuba can win the RPL scorers race ahead of Azmun and Lutsenko.


For the round before the end of the championship, three players compete for the title of the top scorer of the season. Zenit striker leads the sniper race Artyom Dzyuba, who has 17 goals. In second place is his partner in the attack line of the St. Petersburg team Serdar Azmun – 16 goals. Arsenal center forward closes the top three Evgeny Lutsenko, who became the author of 15 goals scored. On July 22, after the matches “Rostov” – “Zenit” and “Ufa” – “Arsenal”, we will find out the name of the most productive player of the RPL.

RPL scorers table

Who is the most effective goalscorer in the Russian championship? Let’s take a look at the statistics reflecting the number of player’s goals per unit of time. At the same time, let’s take those forwards who have scored at least three goals.

7. Joel Fameye, Orenburg, 174 minutes per goal

The presence of the Ghanaian striker in this rating will surely surprise you. Famillet took part in 22 RPL matches (1049 minutes according to Championship statistics), but only ten times got into the base. Still scored six goals. All from the game. Back in the fifth round, he scored a double against Tambov, and besides, he upset Ural, Sochi, Spartak and Zenit. He struck the gates of the champion in St. Petersburg with a rather difficult head blow.

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6. Evgeny Markov, Rubin, 163 minutes

Another striker, whose appearance in the ranking of the most effective attacking players looks unexpected. Still, Rubin is the worst performing RPL team, with only 17 goals in the championship. Almost a third of these goals were scored by Markov. Although he played 21 matches (815 minutes), he got into the base only nine times. Evgeny excelled in meetings with Arsenal, Rostov, Zenit, Sochi and CSKA. The penalty kick against the “army” was the first for Markov of the season.

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five. Maximilian Philip, Dynamo, 151 minutes

The most expensive newcomer in the history of Dynamo, for which the Moscow club gave 20 million euros last summer to Borussia Dortmund, has decent statistics. Philippe has 19 matches (14 in base, 1209 minutes) and eight goals. The German made doubles against Rostov and Lokomotiv. True, Maximilian scored five of his goals from a point. But the ability to take penalties is also a valuable quality. For example, CSKA striker Fyodor Chalov missed three out of four attempts.

4. Evgeny Lutsenko, Arsenal, 139 minutes

The Arsenal striker proves that a career breakthrough can be achieved even at 33. Tula is resetting Lutsenko’s career, as she once reset Dzyuba’s. Eugene played 27 matches (24 at the base, 2094 minutes) and became the author of 15 goals. Only scored from the game. Including issued doubles at the gates of Lokomotiv and Sochi. Once Lutsenko took a penalty kick, but lost the duel to Soslan Dzhanaev from Sochi. Perhaps it is easier for him to hit with his head from the “second floor” than with a kick from the “point”.

Azmun and Dziuba brought Zenit 13 victories. Who is most likely to score decisive goals in the RPL?

Midfielders were among the many forwards.

3. Artyom Dzyuba, Zenit, 133 minutes

The RPL’s top scorer is the third most efficient. Dziuba took part in 27 matches (25 at the base, 2271 minutes), in which he scored 17 goals. Of these, seven from the penalty spot. But here again it is worth remembering Chalov: you also need to be able to score from the “point”. By the way, Fedor, even if he had implemented all three hits, would not have got into this rating, since he would have had 216 minutes per goal. The captain of the Russian national team scored a hat-trick against Rostov and doubles in matches with Ural and Wings of the Soviets. In addition, he gave 12 assists.

Azmun could lead the RPL scorers race, but presented the goal to Dziuba. Cool gesture

Zenit sent Orenburg to the FNL.

2. Serdar Azmun, “Zenith”, 128 minutes

The Iranian striker could now be the top scorer of the RPL, if in the match with Orenburg, when going one-on-one, he did not give an assist to Dziuba, but would have shot himself. But while Azmun is second everywhere. Serdar has 27 matches (24 at the base, 2056 minutes) and 16 goals. He scored a hat-trick against Ural and made doubles in matches with Krasnodar and Orenburg. I wonder if Semak will let Dzyuba play with Azmun in Rostov or save them for the cup final?

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1. Alexander Kokorin, “Sochi”, 125 minutes

Kokorin, rented by the Sochi club from Zenit, is the leader in the rate of fire in the RPL. He played 10 matches (all in base, 879 minutes) and scored seven goals. He struck the gate twice from the penalty spot. Of course, Alexander’s statistics are embellished with a hat-trick against Rostov’s youth team, but even without this game the striker’s numbers would not disappoint – 197 minutes per goal. Still, Kokorin plays for a team that, before his arrival, was an outsider and was fighting for survival, and not always comes out on top of the attack. He did not get as many moments as Dziuba and Azmun had.


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