Who is this Kylie Jenner, whom Forbes has named the youngest billionaire in the world?



So, by the age of 21, Kylie managed to surpass all her older sisters, even the glorious Kim Kardashian, and earn 900 million dollars. Moreover, unlike her relatives, who are sweating the field of Instagram blogging and reality shows, Kylie founded her cosmetic empire Kylie Cosmetics at a very tender age and earned 800 million on it. But the rest of the hundred – in the most banal way: acting in commercials, monetizing your Instagram and taking part in the family TV show “The High Life of the Kardashians”.

Regarding the loud statement of Forbes, the Internet cracked exactly in half: half of the users believe that calling Kylie a self-made woman is inappropriate, because she is, after all, “one of the Kardashians.” The other half advocates that 900 million is not a cat crying. For example, Kylie’s older sister, Kim Kardashian, has an estimated fortune of 350 million.

As noted by Forbes, the secret of Kylie Jenner’s financial well-being is in the competent use of social networks to advertise her own cosmetics. On this occasion, we propose to look at the most curious shots from her Instagram. Who knows, maybe they are charged to become a dollar millionaire!


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