Who will get into the Champions League – CSKA or Krasnodar, the RPL round 30 layouts



RPL 30th round layouts

Bogdan Gorbunov

Spartak may break its anti-record. Main layouts before the last round of the RPL

CSKA can become both third and fifth.


There is only one round left until the end of the Russian Championship. The champion has long been known, the owner of a direct ticket to the Champions League (Lokomotiv) has recently been determined, and everything is clear with the relegation zone.

Nevertheless, there is still intrigue in the RPL! We will tell you about the main ones and analyze the tour layouts.

Will CSKA get into the Champions League

Fyodor Chalov and Ivan Oblyakov

Fyodor Chalov and Ivan Oblyakov

Photo: Alexander Safonov, “Championship”

At the end of the championship, Krasnodar seems to be doing everything possible to give its place in the Champions League to CSKA. While CSKA was trying to regularly score points, the bulls regularly lost them – in seven matches after the resumption of the championship, the team Musaeva won only twice. And one of these victories is the “techie”.

As a result, an entertaining picture emerged at the finish of the RPL. The lag of CSKA, which occupies the fourth line, from Krasnodar, which is in third place, was reduced to two points (the bulls – 49 points, the army men – 47).

Now, to be guaranteed to finish in third place, Krasnodar must definitely beat Akhmat at home. Otherwise, Musaev’s team risks being left without the Champions League. The Krasnodar club is not satisfied with either defeat or draw.

After all, if CSKA beat Tambov at home, and the bulls play a draw with Grozny, the teams will equal in the number of points scored and the advantage due to the results in head-to-head matches will be on the side of the Moscow club (3: 2, 1: 1).

If the “army men” draw or lose, they may no longer count on the Champions League.

“Krasnodar” completely swam. CSKA may still get into the Champions League!

The victory of the blue and white delighted the fans of three Moscow clubs.

Will Rostov beat CSKA

Pavel Mamaev makes claims to the arbitrator

Pavel Mamaev makes claims to the arbitrator

Photo: Artyom Gusev, “Championship”

“Rostov” is having a hard time ending the championship because of the epidemic. Summer team Karpina won only one victory and lost the chances of the Champions League. However, Rostov still booked a place for themselves in the 2nd qualifying round of the Europa League and can even count on the third. To do this, you need to bypass CSKA and take fourth place in the RPL.

Now Rostov has 45 points. Karpin’s team will be able to rise to the fourth line only if they beat the unmotivated Zenit at home. At the same time, the “army team” must earn a maximum of one point in the game against “Tambov”. If the teams get equal in terms of the points scored, then Rostov will have an advantage – the Rostovites have twice beaten the army team this season (3: 1, 3: 2).

As you can see, the situations for the teams of Karpin and Goncharenko are similar.

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Will “Spartak” beat its anti-record

This season could be the worst for Spartak in the RPL

This season could be the worst for Spartak in the RPL

Photo: Edgar Breshchanov, “Championship”

This season, Spartak is doing so badly that the team Domenico Tedesco can repeat or even surpass the club anti-record in the Russian championship 17 years ago, when under the leadership Vladimir Fedotov Spartak took only 10th place.

Now Spartak is on the ninth line with 36 points. Arsenal and Ufa are ahead, with 37 points each, and behind are Rubin (35 points) and Ural (35 points). The maximum that Tedesco’s team can claim in the current situation is the 7th line (it’s impossible to reach Dynamo, which is sixth). This outcome is possible only if the Spartak team win away from Rubin, and there is no winner in the head-to-head match between Arsenal and Ufa.

Eighth place “Spartak” can take on the condition that the Tula or Ufa team lose, and the Moscow club itself wins in Kazan.

To repeat the “achievement” of Fedotov’s team, “Spartak” needs, for example, to play a draw with “Rubin”. Moreover, Ural must defeat Lokomotiv. The outcome of the match between Arsenal and Ufa will no longer matter, because in case of equality of points, each of these clubs will be ahead of Spartak in additional indicators.

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In the event of the defeat of Tedesco’s team, Ural must definitely lose so that the Spartak players repeat their “achievement”.

If Spartak loses in Kazan, and Yekaterinburg players score at least one point in the game against Loko, then the anti-record will be beaten. Indeed, in case of equality of points, the advantage will be on the side of the “Urals” due to the results of face-to-face meetings (2: 1, 0: 0).


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