World’s Top 10 Swimwear Models Announced. Ours comes first!



Summer is a responsible time for a man. There is so much to do! Pay tribute to the coolest goal of the Russian goalkeeper across the entire field, be proud new “Beauty of Russia”, see what happens if give back! But behind all these pleasant chores, one cannot miss the most important rating – the top 10 most prestigious models for advertising swimwear.

Rays of delight for him, transfers The sun, went to the respectable British lingerie brand Bluebella. He has been sowing sweetness and light around the world since 2005 and has collaborated with many of the world’s most iconic celebrities and celebrities.

“Instagram is the main reference point for women on how to look on the beach this summer, which is why supermodels can make so much money from their swimsuit posts. Fashion brands do not look at the number of followers of influencers (authoritative bloggers, if in Russian), but at the degree of engagement in each post and who their followers are. We are looking for tops admired by women, not men, this shows their real influence and is a key element in driving sales. “– explained the choice of dozens of executive director of the brand Emily Bendell.

Well, admiring women – we will not give it to anyone, reader! Let’s start right now.

1. Irina Shayk


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