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Our blogging contest continues.

The bloggers’ league continues for the seventh month in a row. We have already given out more than 15 prizes, and one of the bloggers even joined the editorial staff. The best authors of July, as before, will receive prizes. And we will remind the rules and tell you how to win.

Competition rules

We sum up the intermediate results of the competition every month. At the end of the year, we will determine the best blogger who will receive the main prize.

Criteria for evaluation

  • The blogger’s rating is assessed depending on the number of views of posts, comments under them, the total number of texts per month, as well as the opinion of the editorial board;
  • during the competition, we will announce special topics from the editors, and the authors of posts on them will receive additional points;
  • Anyone can write a text, the main condition is its uniqueness. It must be published on the site no earlier than June 30 (later – the day of the beginning of the new month), and also not published on other sites. Exception: personal VK pages, telegram channels and Yandex Zen;
  • all blogs and all posts that fit the conditions of the League participate in the competition.

How are points awarded?

  • Blog views per month / 1000 + number of comments under posts / 15 + 0.25 points for a regular post or 0.75 points for a post that got on the main page + editorial opinion (from 0 to 3).

We encourage a large number of works, but we will not take into account posts without meaning, containing only pictures or videos, in the results. Remember, this is a blog contest, not a news contest. Posts are different from news in that they tell a story rather than report a fact.

Examples of a short post with a full story:

Look at Topson’s biceps! A year ago Pavel Volya laughed at him

Ana survived Blackhall and ran away from the three. At 27 hp!

We do not limit you in any way in the size of the post and subject. If you wish, you can write both a huge interview and a detailed story about a local event.

“I would be proud of a son like Ramses.” Huge interview with Roman Dvoryankin about life and Dota

Lan is a strategy game in which games last 40 hours. It was spent in Moscow with money from donations

What will the best authors of July get? Now you can win a lasso or skin in CS!

  1. A certificate for 3000 rubles on Steam, a game or skin of a similar cost in CS: GO, a lasso to choose from;
  2. A certificate for 1,500 rubles on Steam, a game of a similar cost or a skin of your choice;
  3. A certificate for 750 rubles on Steam, a game of a similar cost or a skin of your choice

How to write a post?

As easy as pie. First you need create a blog, and then go into it and create the first article. Everything is described in detail in our guide.

Follow information and news League of bloggers by its tag


If you still have questions, be sure to ask them in the comments. And if you want to write, but you can’t think of a topic, write to me at [email protected] We will definitely come up with an idea and concept of the text together.

Good luck and pleasant creativity!

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