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Visiting Igor Poroshin and Vadim Lukomsky – Stanislav Minin.

According to numerous requests, they called another of our favorite commentators – Stas Minin. This created the perfect atmosphere to discuss the results of La Liga.

Igor has long been a skeptic of Spanish football. Especially for him, we recorded a podcast in the format “How to stop being afraid and love La Liga”. Perhaps someone will also come in handy, and someone will subscribe to Igor’s theses. In general, listen completely:

0:10 – In the electronic rave of Neutron.

1:24 – Guest of C&C – Stanislav Minin, one of the best football commentators in Russia.

4:33 – Football is like the fall.

8:20 – Bookmakers, timecode especially for you.

8:28 – And this is the timecode for our patrons (there are more than five hundred of them now!).

8:45 – Championship of Spain – everything. It seems that the doctor and the religious scholar will convert the patient to their faith.

11:21 – But now – about England. On Sunday there is a super match: Leicester – Manchester United.

13:31 – Possession as a defensive tool: Dr. Lukomsky explains in a minute and a half.

15:02 – “Milan” understanding of the devilish Hell.

17:20 – “Rossoneri” monstrously changed their shoes in the air.

24:06 – Ismael Bennasser at the heading “New Day Hype”.

26:19 – What will happen next with Milan?

27:28 – Let’s talk about the god Zlatan believes in.

31:58 – Patient Poroshin enters the warpath and smashes La Liga.

37:02 – Rating of crappy teams in the top leagues.

40:27 – Barcelona, ​​judging by its sins, is evil (and Lenin is in the States).

45:27 – The evolution of tactical thought in modern history.

47:30 – Who is the Spanish champion: Real Madrid, Villarreal or Getafe?

50:23 – The controversy around Zidane.

53:45 – Spanish Championship Association.

58:15 – Why is La Liga the best league in the world? That is, cooler than the nuclear submarine.

1:03:37 – How did the championship become so prettier?

1:06:00 – There is La Liga. What is the strength?

1:10:43 – The dualism of the Peenean crown ruined the tournament. Or not?

1:15:00 – Sassuolo, Real Sociedad and Villarreal compared to themselves.

1:16:38 – The most beautiful events of the championship, except for the transition to the barracks life of Joao Felix.

1:21:44 – Stas’s favorite player after Karim Benzema.

1:25:04 – Which Spanish team will win the Champions League?

1:28:52 – Newcastle Jets on the podcast! What!?

1:30:40 – Juran-patriotism.

Photo: Spada / Lapresse, Mutsu Kawamori / AFLO


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