you can undress any girl in the game and change the shape of Geralt’s penis


Well, one more replay?

How to make the best RPG of the decade even better? Mods, of course. In previous posts about mods for everything in the world, I showedhow to turn Skyrim into a full-fledged sex simulator with anyone, but Witcher 3 so far there has not been such a selection – we need to fix it. All mods from the list below are taken from the largest modding site Nexus mods – it is in English, but in order to download the necessary files, you will have enough school knowledge.

Important reminder: Nexus Mods does not show adult mods to unregistered users. After registration, you need to copy the desired name into the search and go to the mod page.

How to install a mod on The Witcher: you need to create a mods folder in the root folder, and then move the downloaded mod into it (by unpacking the archive). It is also recommended to install the console for the desired patch – 1.32 or 1.31, and a console with a free cam, if you want to take more screenshots, is available at the request “console and free cam”. All. Really that simple. Now they drove.

If you don’t want to undress all the girls in the game, but just admire the faces of the NPC, mod High quality faces will add more uniqueness to every dummy – from fishermen to innkeepers. The mod includes faces for important minor characters like Keris, so you don’t have to look for separate mods for them.

Another NPC mod, this time stripping all the girls, is called Background Girls Nudes… Almost all of the girls in the game will be dressed like the prostitutes you can find in brothels – this mod uses all the options, even the clothes of the girls from “Katarina’s Chromopod”. Some will be completely nude – the immersion breaks down a bit, but you hardly opened this post looking for a new high-quality role-playing.

A mod with similar functionality is called Naked girls, only he undresses Geralt’s two main companions, Ciri, Bianca, Keira, Anna Henrietta and other minor female characters. It also changes the shape of the breast, because vanilla is not good at all. Well, if for some reason you do not like this version, there is another mod – The wild nudity projectthat even works in cut-scenes. For Geralt himself (and what, what if) there is also such a mod – Naked geralt… In it you can choose a new penis for the witcher!

One of the fresh mods that hit the popular ones is called Better Breasts and Butts… It fixes a problem with a seam in textures on female models, and it also does not enlarge anything, its shape is as close as possible to the vanilla version. However, if you don’t like vanilla models, you should try the mod Yen and triss curvier nude body (in the screenshot below) – in it, Yennefer and Triss will have hips enlarged.

Remember the scene on Skellig where Ciri enters the bathhouse? Even if you choose the option with undressing, the girl will remain in her underwear. Maud Naked Ciri is Naked fixes it. Important – the girl will not go naked all the time, this mod affects only one quest. The author says that he took a nude model of Cyril directly from the game – it was added, but was not used anywhere.

* * *

When the first sex mods for The Witcher came out, in the comments (as usual) there was a large-scale hack between supporters of realism and everyone else. The first explained that in that time period – roughly similar to the High Middle Ages – girls did not carefully monitor their body hair. Especially for those who share this point of view, there is a mod Naturally bushy… Guess where he adds his hair? No, not on your legs or in your armpits. The mod has several versions – from thickets where Indiana Jones will be lost, to an easy version.

Author MKM9999 created four mods that improve the figure and faces of the girls of the game. In his mods, the breasts are enlarged – but not as much as in the anime. To find them, you need to enter “MKM” in the search and select from the list the girl you want to improve – Ciri, Ian, Triss or Shani.

The last mod on this list is Sexy Tattoos on Ciri’s body… According to Sapkowski’s books, the girl got a rose tattoo on the inner side of her thigh when she traveled with the robbers, but then the thinker and the owl pulling on the globe turned on – perhaps the future empress did not stop at one tattoo and hammered almost the entire body. Now she definitely looks like a witcher and a bandit.

Which girl did you choose for Geralt? Let us know in the comments.

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