Zenit – Spartak – 2: 1, review of the Russian Cup match, July 19, 2020


Zenit - Spartak - 2: 1.  Match review

Anatoly Romanov

Zenit and Spartak issued a super match! Dziuba scored again to his native club

Sergei Semak’s team reached the final of the Russian Cup and is close to winning the second trophy.


Meetings of Zenit with Spartak do not need additional advertising. However, before the Cup semi-final, the rivals seemed to set themselves the goal of drawing even more attention to the “derby of the two capitals”. And at the level of the management of the clubs. General Director of Champions of Russia Alexander Medvedev let go in an interview hard joke to Muscovites, for which he was fined 200 thousand rubles. Leonid Fedun in turn, he tried to put pressure on the referees of the St. Petersburg match through the media. “I propose to organize the hashtag #SpartakKakZenit. And we will be champions, ”said the owner of the red and white.

After these stories, everyone was waiting for the fire at the Gazprom Arena. And the game really turned out to be fiery! There were goals, clashes, and judges’ decisions with VAR. In the final, in contrast to the first game today, the favorite came out. Zenit will play against Khimki.

The main events of the match in St. Petersburg:

– Returned to the base of Zenit Branislav Ivanovic… The Serbian captain missed the last three matches, as he flew home because of the tragedy in the family. Was unexpectedly in stock Magomed Ozdoev – replaced him in the center of the field Douglas Santos

– In the application of “Spartak” were absent Roman Zobnin and Ezequiel Ponce… Both missed the game due to disqualification: in the quarterfinals with CSKA, the midfielder earned a second yellow card, and the striker was completely sent off. Nevertheless, both flew with the team to St. Petersburg. It is curious that Tedesco kept the bundle Ilya GaponovPavel Maslov, and Nikolay Rasskazov stayed on the bench.

The decisions of the judges against Spartak are very beneficial for the club. New philosophy of Fedun and Gazizov

# Judge Spartak as Zenit – great manipulation.

– The answer to the traditional question of Zenit’s confrontation with the red-and-white, whether Dzyuba will score against Spartak, was received already in the 24th minute. As usual in team matches Tedesco not without the VAR system. The replay helped the judge to understand the difficult episode: Gaponov missed the snatch Serdar Azmuna and hit the Zenit striker in the leg. Dzyuba very calmly converted the penalty, as if he were not nervous at all: he rolled the ball into the very corner of the goal Alexandra Maksimenko

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– In general, the first half was played with a big game advantage of Zenit, although before the first goal the hosts offered a pace of play that suited Spartak. Nevertheless, by the break, the champion was winning on shots – 11-3 (on target – 4-2). Dziuba missed at least two more excellent moments. In addition, he almost got into a fight with his co-star. Alexander Sobolev… Perhaps the captain of the Russian national team deliberately tried to provoke a younger Spartak player who had a yellow card and risked earning a red card.

– Zenit did not move very well from attack to defense. Spartak took advantage of this. So, Zelimkhan Bakaev put Douglas Santos on yellow cards and Vilmara Barrios, and Ayrton earned a free kick, which ended with Sobolev’s discount and a goal Samuel Gigot from an obvious offside position. Meanwhile, Sobolev, it seems, was specifically looking for single combat in the air with those who play weaker than Ivanovich at the top – shifted to Rakitsky or full-backs of Zenit. Center forward of “Spartak” caught his chance: beat “on the second floor” Vyacheslav Karavaeva after the filing of Bakaev and evened the score.

The rights to the video belong to the National Sports TV Channel LLC. You can watch the video in “Twitter “Match Premier”

– When Spartak equalized the score, Tedesco showed the judges sarcastically – see VAR. But it would be better if the coach did not give in to emotions at these moments, but explained to the team how to finish playing the half. In general, the tactical plan of the German was not very clear: on the one hand, the guests did not sit deep in defense, on the other hand, they did not offer any intelligible pressure. As a result, Zenit quickly found space and responded with a goal to the goal: Malcolm dealt with Maslov and Gaponov, and Daler Kuzyaev was at the right point.

The rights to the video belong to the National Sports TV Channel LLC. You can watch the video in “Twitter “Match Premier”

– In the second half, “Spartak”, perhaps, surpassed “Zenith” in movement. At least it was striking that the more the game goes on, the more the blue-white-blue players get tired. It would be easier for the owners if they realized their moments. The same Dziuba could have made a double. However, Tedesco’s team won the second half on shots – 6-3 (on target – 2-1). The chances of avoiding defeat in St. Petersburg were for the red and whites. For example, Sobolev almost scored again from the “second floor”.

– Zenit played out the ending according to Spartak’s scheme – with three central defenders. Jordan Osorio came out including in order to cope with serves in the penalty area Mikhail Kerzhakov… Semak did not remove Malcolm from the game, who was not useful enough without the ball, but left the Brazilian on the field with a couple of forwards in the hope of his magical attacking qualities. This rearrangement helped Zenit – it became harder for Spartak to create chances and get the ball back. The champions of Russia brought the game to victory.

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